Maths for kids that is simple, fun, and easily understood

That’s how it should always be, but the sad truth is that a large percentage of kids don’t enjoy Maths nor understand it.

They fall behind, don’t catch up, and then leave school without the basic numeracy skills every young person needs for success with their finances, career, family life and even social life. You only have to do a news search for “poor Maths skills” to see how bad it is around the world.

Our everyday life and wellbeing are affected by our level of Maths confidence and ability with numbers.

Woman counting US dollar bills.
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If the use of Maths was limited to people like engineers and accountants, the rest of us would be fine the way it is. But the problem is that we all use Maths every day for things like:

  • Counting the change we’re given so we don’t get ripped off in shops, as well as working out discounts and sales
  • Knowing how long until our bus or train arrives and when we’ll arrive at our destination
  • Increasing the amount of ingredients in a recipe when friends come over
  • Managing a household budget and planning ahead financially
  • Understanding mortgages, interest rates and borrowing money to avoid vicious debt cycles
  • Looking after our diet and nutrition and eating correct amounts
  • Measuring doses of medicine safely for ourselves and our kids
  • Understanding statistics and graphs so we’re not fooled by politicians and the media
  • Helping our kids with their Maths confidence and practice

And you probably use Maths all the time at work for calculating and measuring.

Do you have a child struggling with Maths?

If Maths is tough for a lot of adults and young people not meeting formal education benchmarks…

… imagine how much harder it is for kids who are also trying to keep up in other subjects at school, deal with peer pressures, and generally stay happy in this chaotic modern society!

Two happy girls.

If you’re wondering how to teach Maths to your kids…

… or if they’re asking “why do I need to learn this, how is this going to help my life?”, or they’re saying “I just don’t get it, I don’t understand”…

… and you wish there was a way to help your kids that was as easy as letting them watch videos like they probably want to do anyway…

Say hello to Max and Min.

Max and Min

Twins Max and Min are the stars of Max and Min Maths Club: a downloadable package of 140 fun animated Maths videos for kids, colourful charts, and Maths practice questions that’ll give your kids the foundational Maths understanding they need to get through life; as easily as watching videos.

All Maths concepts are explained in a simple way, via stories that follow Max and Min and their family and friends through everyday experiences.

Sample video 1: Fractions & Decimals for Grade 1 level

The videos are narrated in a clear Australian accent, perfect for any English-speaking elementary school students and homeschoolers, and can also be used for middle school and high school too if older kids need more help. Even young adults studying trade or tertiary courses might need to strengthen their Maths confidence and understanding.

The topics covered include Whole Numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions & Decimals, Patterns & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Data & Chance; the entire Primary School Maths curriculum!

Sample video 2: Fractions & Decimals for Grade 2 level

Are you a parent or carer?

Your kids can watch the videos on any device with little assistance, whenever and wherever they want! Great for helping with Maths homework or study, homeschooling, and a useful and entertaining option on long car trips.

“With Max and Min Maths Club you’re onto something great, my daughter really loves it. She’s in year 1 and likes watching the videos, she goes on it for over an hour at a time.”

Kylie – Parent

“My son is home schooled and we find this resource to be very easy to use. It uses stories and animation to cover the relevant content and this makes it clear and detailed all the while keeping him engaged. I can see us continuing to use it as part of our lessons and highly recommend it.”

Kaamila – Homeschooling Parent

Are you a teacher or tutor?

It’s simple to use the short Maths videos in your classroom or tutoring sessions to cater for the different levels of Maths understanding of your students. Each video is graded, from very simple to more complex, to suit individual kids.

“As both a primary school teacher and parent of three I have often found educational resources to be all too frequently complex, ineffective in their delivery or lacking focus in what they set out to achieve with learning outcomes. With Max and Min Maths Club I have a resource that is effective in its simplicity, allows for diverse learning needs and focuses on the key strength of visual aids when modelling to children.”

Aaron – Primary School Deputy Principal and Parent
Three happy children using a laptop.


  • Every video comes with a subtitles/captions file… perfect for kids with difficulty hearing, or where English isn’t their first language.
  • Is a video too fast or slow? Use the playback speed function of your device’s media player to get it just right.
  • BONUS VIDEO: Intro to Junior High Algebra
  • The entire package of 140 animated videos (plus bonus), 140 colourful charts, and 1400 practice questions — covering 7 whole years of Maths instruction — is only a one-time payment of US$37…the same price as a couple of textbooks!

It’s simple to get started:

  1. Click the Buy Now button and enter your email and PayPal or credit card details.
  2. Download the videos (contained in zip files) to your computer, and extract them.
  3. Start watching!
  4. (Optional) Copy the videos to other devices like smartphones or tablets, to watch on the go.

Kids can watch the videos by themselves. But if you’d like a more active parent/teacher approach…

  1. Over several days, help your kid to watch the videos about a particular topic a few times each. They will begin to develop an understanding in a natural way.
  2. And if you’re able to talk about the videos and/or go through the accompanying charts with them, even better. This will help them build their Maths confidence.
  3. Gently check their understanding with the accompanying Maths practice questions and other real-life scenarios.
A mother helps her son while Max and Min look on.

Our guarantee

Your happiness is our priority. After all, we’re parents and teachers just like you, so we know what it’s like.

Our own kids love watching the Max and Min Maths Club videos and have quickly learned Maths concepts from them.

So we stand by our product 100%, no matter what. However, if you have a problem with Max and Min Maths Club that we can’t solve to your satisfaction, then we’ll give you a full refund.

Maths for kids of different grades:

  • Maths videos for kindergarten
  • Maths videos for 1st graders
  • Maths videos for 2nd grade
  • Maths videos for 3rd grade
  • Maths videos for 4th grade
  • Maths videos for 5th grade
  • Maths videos for year 6

Maths topics covered:

  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Addition & Subtraction
  3. Multiplication & Division
  4. Fractions & Decimals
  5. Patterns & Algebra
  6. Measurement & Geometry
  7. Data & Chance

You get instant access to…

  • 140 animated videos, all with subtitles
  • 140 colourful charts as PDF files
  • 1400 practice questions in PDF files
  • Bonus video: Intro to Junior High Algebra

… which can all be downloaded to your computer and copied to any of your other devices like smartphones and tablets.

Max and Min Maths Club logo popping out of a laptop on classroom desk.